Saturday, 4 April 2009

Part 1 - Merry Widow

Sat. 4th April 09

Much has been happening but due to my original draft disappearing which was totally frustrating I have decided to blog in bite sized chunks. So here goes with Part 1:

Not wishing to disturb the nest (and not knowing how very disturbing things would turn out) when the baby/ies was 10 days old I put the stepladder up on the path, away from the cote, and took a photo with the camera zooming in. I could just make out two little shapes, so there are two of them, as is usual with pigeons/doves - A pigeon pair! The 10 day old photo is above.

All was well, and Mummy Hope had attracted interest from a new male. He was enthusiastic but she was friendly but cautious.

He bows in courtly manner...... but Hope just runs away

I have not seen them mating, which I am glad about, as I have read that birds will sometimes abandon their babies to start a new nest, or the mother will let the father take over while she gets on with laying more eggs - and obviously this male would not take over the feeding of these squabs as he is not their father.
While the fun and games was carrying on, another dove was obviously eyeing up the situation....
2nd installment very soon.
The end.

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lampworkbeader said...

You've been through a lot with your doves lately. Hopefully all ends happily.