Friday, 27 March 2009

First Picture

Friday 27th March 2009

I just couldn't resist! While Hope was off the nest - which is most of the day now! - I got the step-ladder, put it up on the path, and used the zoom to get a picture of inside the dovecote. I didn't want to upset Hope or the baby/ies so I didn't put the ladder right up against the dovecote. With my naked eye I could see a fuzzy, misty little shape in the gloom and the photo shows the little baby, all yellow and fluffy! Yes, I know he's not cute, but I am so happy to see he is well. There may be another one in there too!

So this is the 'one week old' photo

Hope prefers to spend her day sitting on the roof, or flying with her friends. I am always concerned about her safety, and the welfare of the squab/s, until I see her back in the nestbox again.

I have managed to mark her, by flicking food colouring onto her back, and it is helpful that I can recognise her at feeding times.

I am still trying to have no expectations, but after seeing the baby, I can't help it!

The end


mountainear said...

I would be so excited too - trying to peak in and see what and how many. I can make out the one squab in the foreground,

Do hope that Hope is able to rear this little one.

Arosebyanyothername said...

I shall keep the purple vibes flying for the safety of your doves. I have two collar doves who have nested in or near my garden for two or three years and I love those. They are quite tame now. RosieXX

Calico Kate said...

Ohh what an ugly baby, but how wonderful.

Faith said...

They are ugly CK, but have a vulnerable charm (I think!)

Pipany said...

I can't quite believe how prehistoric they look! Glad Hope seems to be managing x