Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Tommy - more bad news

It never seems to stop. Another pure white dove landed in the garden, and displayed all the symptoms of the upsetting paramyxo virus.

As it is near Rememberance Sunday I named him Tommy.

Again I was in a terrible quandary about what to do. My husband would have 'bumped' him off, but it is not a pleasant job, and I didn't want the poor thing to suffer. The Wildlife Aid place hadn't really been that much help with Seagull and Blanche, so I took Tommy to the local vet.

The vet himself was just going out, but said if I left the dove, and signed a form, he would do it when he got back. I went in and spoke to the nurses - sweet young girls, and sympathetic. They transferred Tommy to one of their boxes, and I signed the form, feeling like an executioner. I suppose I must have signed something when I had my poor old cat, Scissors, put to sleep aged 19 years, ages ago but I don't remember. How the kings and queens of old could have signed real people's death warrants I will never understand.

The vet will do it unless he feels there is a chance of a cure....... I don't hold out any hope.

There were so many doves on the roof today, 47 or 48. John and Lily tend to keep themselves separate from the others most of the time. I am still hoping they will stay well.

Sorry no photos today as they are all on my laptop which is at the menders.

PS The vet rang me late afternoon which was sweet of him as I hadn't asked him to. He felt that it would be kinder to put Tommy down as he had no quality of life - which of course was true. He knew Tommy wasnt my dove, but one of the feral flock, so I wonder if he will bill me for the job?


Elizabethd said...

So sad Faith, you havent had much luck with the doves.

Anonymous said...

The doves are obviously flocking to you for a reason. Perhaps it is because of the kindness you continually offer.

Crystal xx

Suffolkmum said...

Oh dear. I think Crystal may have a good point.