Thursday, 22 November 2007

How John is coping

It is a week today since poor Lily died.

The first day or so, John behaved fairly normally, although seemed rather lonely and appeared to be looking around for Lily, although I knew he had known she was ill.

Then he seemed to become depressed in a way - I don't know if that is possible in birds. I suppose it must be. I noticed that he wasnt coming out of the dovecote and kept a close eye on him. Eventually I decided to get the steps, and put some food up in the nestbox for him. He pecked at it, and then flew down to the water bowl on the lawn, then back to hedge - stretched his wings - and back into the nestbox. The weather of course has been very rainy and/or gloomy which hasnt helped, but there has been sunny periods.

I have kept putting food up for him, but it occurred to me today that as doves (pigeons) have no qualms about fouling their home, then it must be getting pretty gross in there by now, and not very healthy.

I agreed with my husband that if he still was not out by the weekend then we would have to take him out, at least while I cleaned the nestbox.

Today, as the sun shone, he came out and flew to the roof where there were about eight other doves, and preened himself. I shot out to clean out the nestbox, and put fresh hay in there. He has now gone back in but at least it is clean, and he has 'socialised' a bit.

My poor widowed dove - I hope he finds a new mate for the spring.

PS I have now added one of the last pictures of John and Lily together.


Suffolkmum said...

I hope so too, poor John.

Pipany said...

Such a sad tale Faith. I hope the poor thing finds a way xx

Elizabethd said...

Poor dove. Please tell us if there is a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

He has you to look after him and I am sure he is fine. I will add him in my prayer tonight.

Love Crystal xx

DJ Kirkby said...

What a beautiful pic. i am going through these posts from top to bottom so I know the next one is going to upset me...but I have to read it anyway.