Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fennie is injured - and the babies grow up

6th June 2012 - cont...

Fennie is a ringed dove, tame enough to eat peanuts out of my hand (when he chooses to!) and named after one of my blog readers. I was concerned when he arrived in the garden injured at the end of May. I couldn't tell what had happened to him - maybe he flew into something or met the hawk somewhere, but his wing was slightly out of alignment and a little bloody. Although getting off the ground was difficult for him, he could fly and he could eat, so as I couldn't catch him, there wasn't much I could do to help- except throw extra peanuts to him when he was on the ground! It was fortunate by that time that the heat wave had passed, as hot weather might have attracted flies to his injury and that would've been fatal for him. That night he stayed on the roof til all the other birds had gone and then put himself to bed on the cottage roof, under the gutter. This was a sensible choice as it would give him slight protection from the weather and more importantly hide him for the watchful eye of the hawk. Another poorly dove recently had chosen to roost on the security lamp, and the next morning was dead on the patio, having been partially eaten! He's stayed every night since, conserving his energy and gradually recovering.   
Fennie finds a safe roost for himself

The doves and pigeons do different things in the summer months - here are a few congregating in the over-grown hedge under the dove cote for some reason. Below is a Great Tit who flew into the house over the Diamond Jubilee weekend. He looks enormous but it's just a very close close up!
Jubilee Great Tit

Below are Olympia and Elizabeth, at the doorway of the cote, aged about 25 days
My Turn!
Swap places!
Your turn!
Sky selects the nicest grains for his babies
Has a quick drink
Looks up at the cote to judge the distance
Then flies up to feed Elizabeth and Olympia

Olympia in the playpen - 29 days old
Here's the four week portrait of my unusual siblings. Olympia, the dark one, has a mottled head, and much green iridescence. I still haven't worked out who her real Daddy is!
After 4 weeks in the nestbox, very dirty baby white dove!
Above and below - Jose (fully grown) on the left and Olympia (4 weeks)
on the right - they are nearly the same size!
The end (for now!)


Fennie said...

You have me worried now. Shouldn't Fennie be in the hospital? Can you catch him in your net? Do keep him well and happy or I shall feel the injury by proxy. I wouldn't like him to end up like Flash. It sounds as though he shouldn't fly for a bit.
I am sure you will do your best for him, anyway.

Faith said...

I can't catch him Fennie - I tried in the beginning, but he is fine I think. He is only flying short distances - from one near roof to the other, and down to the ground and up again. That's the hard part for him. He's a great dove, I'm very fond of him so I hope he recovers fully.

Jayne said...

Just catching up on the latest news. Fennie looks happy enough even though he must be struggling to fly, hope he gets better soon, the babies are really big now they grow so quickly. The birds are looking wet and bedraggled here, they all need some sun.

CAMILLA said...

Just trying to catch up with news of Doves, Faith. So sad to hear about Fennie the Dove with injured wing, I know Faith you will be so caring for Dove. How do you think Dove was injured Faith?

Wishing Fennie the Dove a good recovery soon.

Lesa said...

I missed your last posts because I didn't find you on my reading list! I went through my listings and finally went straight for your blog. You are doing such wonderful things for all your birds. I love reading your entries and catching up on the news. It's great that you let us know what's happening. Loved reading the baby stories!

Faith said...

Thanks for all the comments. Lesa, I do send some people an email to let them know when I have blogged. If you (or anyone else) would like to be added to the list then send an email to me at