Monday, 5 December 2011

Paramyxovirus - Flash's Progress

5th Dec.11 - My last blog finished in early November with Flash ill with the paramyxovirus. By the 8th Nov he seemed a bit more co-ordinated and I was happy with his progress. If you did read the last blog you will know that I was having difficulty getting in and out of his run due to it's design. My husband kindly put an opening section into the top of the cage, making my life much easier! Here he is above finishing the job, with Jose watching from inside her hutch (she was locked in while he worked) and Flash in a small box on top of her hutch - you can just about see him.

By 15th November I had had Flash in confinement for 17 days and its about 21 days since I first saw him in the garden with paramyxo symptoms.

I am seeing my spotted Dalmation Dove (DD) regularly - here she is in a photo taken March '10

But I haven't seen her mate Chocolate Brownie for quite a long while now. What a shame if something has happened to him - they were such a beautiful bonded pair and have been coming to my garden for a least a couple of years. Below, together, taken this June - 2011

I never give up hope, unless I see a dead body! The birds are such nomads, and it's always wonderful to welcome a wanderer back. Recently a beautifully marked pigeon turned up - see the purple and green at the back of his neck! He looked familiar - and yes it was my Joseph - I looked through the photos and found this one from Sept '10, so over a year since he was last in my garden!

Omo, Flash's mate from this summer, is still around - I recognised her on Jose's table on 18th Nove - there is still a trace of the blue felt tip pen that I marked her wing and tail with in the summer.
27th November was a warm sunny day. I bathed Jose, and then noticed Flash standing in the shallow dish I had put in his run - he wanted a bath too! I realised the dish was too shallow and put a better one in for him, with tepid water (I always warm Jose's bath water too!) but I felt his water couldnt be too cold as he is poorly. He sat in the dish for a long time, then bathed himself and really seemed to benefit from it.

Flash sits in his bath

Looking like a penguin!

Splish! Splash! Splosh!

I had originally only put a shallow dish for bathing in the run as I read it is possible for pigeons with paramyxo to drown themselves, due to the way their heads flop, but I do not feel that Flash is in this dire category - but see below how he held his head at an un-natural angle at one point during the bath.

Mostly he acts pretty normally, and I have been tempted to set him free but try to remember I am acting in his best interest. He might regress if he has the stress of flying to and from wherever he generally roosts, and trying to find food if he can't get back to the garden. Be patient Flash, you will be better soon! I pray each day he will make a full recovery - he was such a spirited bird. I also requested distant healing for him from Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary at Burrows Lea - anyone can ask for healing for a pet or person, and no charge is made, although donations are always welcome - I've been to Burrows Lea and it's a wonderful peaceful place - the following link takes you to the form for an online request for healing and you can get to the whole site from there - do have a look!

Sometimes the doves and pigeons go inside Jose's hutch looking for food. I caught two birds in there recently and ringed them. One was a grey pigeon, caught the day my baby granddaughter was born, and named after her - Lexi, with a pink ring and the other was a white dove, ringed with a blue ring. A lady had contacted me asking for dove feathers for a very special personal reason and I was happy to oblige - I named this dove after her, Bianca. Both these birds I am seeing regularly. I also see Shanti (purple ring) and named a while ago for my friend - he's very cute, hobbles when he walks and often pops in and out of the dove cote. Poor little Daz hasnt been seen since 1st Nove, but his twin Vim, and big brother Fairy are seen every day, thank goodness.

I won't blog again before the New Year so from the doves and me - a peaceful blessed Christmas to you and your family.


Lesa said...

Glad to read your update on the birds. And your photos are excellent. Have a wonderful holiday too!

Faith said...

Thanks Lesa x

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Fennie said...

Hallo, Faith. Your doves are so like your children. No wonder you want to look after them. Lovely account of Flash bathing. You'd have thought the birds would have preferred to keep dry at all costs.