Monday, 15 December 2008

Christmas Giveaway and Dove Painting

I thought it would be in the Christmas spirit and fun to have a little giveaway of some Christmassy choccy items. Please add your name to the comments (on either this blog or my other one) and I will draw the winners on the 18th Dec, contact you if you win and post them off straight away so hopefully they arrive before Christmas. If you have any preference, please say so!

Dove book - Spirit's Story - photos by me, Lindt Rudi the Reindeer chocs, Ladybird chocs, Hanging Penguin with choc balls, Snow bear finger puppet with choc balls, Santa hat with choc balls, Lindt truffles.

I bought this dove painting on Ebay. It was done for the Warehouse Project - I think something to do with music but don't really know! Now hanging in my bedroom - I love it! and a bargain at under £15

Merry Christmas everyone from my doves! They will have a special treat on Christmas day - ALL they can eat, no rationing at all!


Casdok said...

A christmsa giveaway. What a lovely thing to do.

I love your dove painting - great find!

Blossomcottage said...

You really are the kindest of people, what a lovely idea Faith and I love the painting.

Quilting Cat said...

What a lovely idea Faith, as you can see I am busy catching up on commenting now I have found out how to do it! I love the finger puppet, but it all looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Faith, is that the book which I bought on Lulu?? If it is, it is absolutely beautiful. I would recommend anyone getting it because they won't be disappointed.

CJ xx

Faith said...

No Crystal it's another book! The first one was called Our Doves and this one is Bright and Beautiful - Spirit's Story.

Faith said...

No Crystal it's another book! The first one was called Our Doves and this one is Bright and Beautiful - Spirit's Story.


I love the painting Faith, and your doves fascinate me. The are such a pure bird. It is lovely to follow your interest. I love reading about things I know nothing about. My brother is a great bird lover, and has had an aviary since he was about 14. The choccies look wonderful. What a nice idea. Must say I'm very partial to Lindt. Happy Christmas from Ireland.

Un Peu Loufoque said...

Oh count me in I am feeling most unprepared for christmas and could do with a helping hand!

Faith said...

The winners were drawn in this order:

Tattie Weasle

(some of you left your name on my other blog)

Most of you are Purplecooers so you can PM me your address. Silverhartgirl, please email me your address on my dove email address

Many thanks to all for taking part.

Casdok said...

Thank you so much for my christmas choccy!! :)

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