Friday, 28 December 2007

Establishing the pecking order

Today, 28th Dec o7, I noticed another dove in one of the nesting box holes of the dovecote. As I went out to see who it was, it flew out and pushed its way into John's one..... and was speedily pushed out again by the owner himself! As it flew away I saw the green ring. Francis is obviously trying to take over the prime position in the dovecote from his father!

Later on today I saw Iona (yellow ring) actually mating with a female, right on top of the dovecote.

Maybe my Easter boys will bring new life back home in this coming year. I do hope so.


Casdok said...

That would be great!

Cait O'Connor said...

Fingers crossed.
I like the picture at the top of your blog.

CAMILLA said...

Oh that would be brilliant Faith,

Ditto what Cait has said, lovely picture.


KittyB said...

Love the pics, esp the top one, and the one on 22nd Nov with two doves framed in the hole of the dovecote. It must be so lovely to see them on your garden - let's hope you have some more babies soon.